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December 9, 2019: Ogrezine In Print And PDF

Ogre players, have you picked up Ogrezine? Available in two volumes, both Ogrezine issues were created thanks to the support of our crowdfunding project backers, and you can get these in print or in PDF today!

There are even more titles, miniatures, and dice for Ogre right now at Warehouse 23. Click here to see the complete list of available Ogre products.

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: A Trove Of Treasures Await!

Add to your GURPS Dungeon Fantasy game with the Pyramid Dungeon Collection. This supplement features material originally from the earliest eras of Pyramid magazine, updated to GURPS Fourth Edition (and especially Dungeon Fantasy). Add more monsters, adventures, encounters, threats, locations, and heroic options to your campaign. Gaming goodness is just a download away from Warehouse 23!