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September 13, 2006: One More Dragon Post

I am delighted to report that the Temeraire series (His Majesty's Dragon and sequels) has been optioned for film by Peter Jackson. For details, read author Naomi Novik's happy blog post.
I am delighted about this, because it means the series will get the support it deserves and the author will get a pot of money - even if no film ever happens, Jackson's interest will draw a lot of attention and the option fee was no doubt respectable. So yay.
To those who have been asking whether, if I like the series so much, I would try to do a game . . . I think it's safe to assume that the property has now been priced out of the hobby game market. But the odds of a really spiffy digital game have gone up.
And if you want to roleplay it, buy the books in the series, refer to GURPS Dragons and GURPS Age of Napoleon, with a little GURPS China on the side . . . and there you have it!
-- Steve Jackson