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November 18, 2019: Car Wars Sixth Edition On Kickstarter Starting November 29th!

Next week is the week, gang! After years of hard work by the team, we're launching the Car Wars Sixth Edition campaign on Kickstarter. The redesigned edition of the classic game of autoduelling features quicker play including significantly faster car design rules custom plastic miniatures, and everything two to four players need to dive in and start blasting each other.

As we prepare for the project launch, please click the "Notify me" button on this page. This will tell Kickstarter's systems to send you an email just as soon as we open the project for funding. And remember, you don't want to miss Uncle Al's Day One offer (first mentioned here). That's right, Uncle Al is back, and he's got a deal for those of you who join the project on the first day.

Once you've clicked that "Notify me" button, visit our Facebook page for more pics and info on the game, and check out this video that we shot at Gen Con a few months ago. We look forward to seeing all of you join in the Car Wars Sixth Edition campaign that first day so that we can make the game as big and overloaded with goodies as we possibly can!

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Things That Make You Go "Boom"

GURPS is great for action-packed heroic gaming, especially when you add GURPS Gun Fu! This is your ultimate guide to cinematic gunplay, with rules for "impossible" feats, new styles and perks for cinematic shootists, information on new weapons, and much more. Release the doves and download it today from Warehouse 23!