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November 6, 2019: GURPS On Demand

Modern print-on-demand publishing is a miracle. Thanks to improvements in POD technology over the years, we're now able to keep more*GURPS books in-print, even when the demand is too low to justify traditional printing methods.

At the moment, we have dozens of*titles available as a part of our GURPS On Demand program. The books may be ordered directly from Amazon and, once you place an order, the Amazon systems print and ship the selected book to your home. Better still, the technology means that those of you outside the United States may order from your local Amazon site; this makes delivery cheaper and faster than if you were to order from us directly through Warehouse 23.

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Friends In High Places

When you're fighting the forces of darkness, sometimes it helps to have a higher purpose. GURPS Monster Hunters 6: Holy Hunters expands the options of faith-driven champions in GURPS Monster Hunters, with new abilities, gamer-useful info, and even more monsters to fight. Just a download away from Warehouse 23? You better believe it!