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November 2, 2019: Pocket Box Project Moving Forward

The factory is now working on manufacturing all the games and expansions that are being reproduced thanks to the success of the Pocket Box campaign on Kickstarter. Over thirty 1980s classics are being printed as near-exact replicas, and we've now started to receive and approve the factory's assembly videos (sent to review and approve so the factory's assembly workers have a model to follow once the printed components are ready to be combined with the plastic bits).

This compiled Facebook video shows the Car Wars, Ogre, and Undead assembly process.

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Legends Born In Blood

Discover the history and folklore of medieval Russia, where wits, guts, and ancient knowledge might mean the difference between victory and a fate worse than death. History becomes all too real with GURPS Classic: Russia, available as a digital download from Warehouse 23!