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November 1, 2019: Hexagram #3 Kickstarter Ends Today!

A short ride but a merry one! This quick campaign passed ALL its stretch goals within the first hour, and then just kept going up and up. It's well past $17,000 now, and it will close this afternoon.

So there's still time to support! You get an ad-free Fantasy Trip zine, 40 pages including cover, with an assortment of articles, magic items, and other useful whatnot - just like the zines that were published back in the day.

The team has finished inventory, and we now know what we can offer as part of the BackerKit survey next month. From the original Legacy Edition project, we have a limited number of megahexes, player folios, pocket folders, counters, and more that will be offered in BackerKit. Some of these are down to the last few dozen, so*to get the widest number of choices, you'll want to complete your survey as soon as you receive the BackerKit email.

Also in BackerKit, for those who have asked, we will be offering issues 1 and 2 of Hexagram. If you missed the earlier issues, this will be your chance to add them. These will be essentially unlimited; the printer we work with can deliver quickly!

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Warehouse 23 News: Flying Feet And Fists Of Fury!

Give your martial artists something to do with three ready-to-use adventures for GURPS Classic: Martial Arts: Behold the excitement of GURPS Classic: Martial Arts Adventures! Written for GURPS Third Edition (but with ideas usable in Fourth Edition campaigns), this collection will find you traveling to Bushido Japan, participating in a tournament to the death, and fighting clone banks. Download it today from Warehouse 23!