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October 31, 2019: Eye-In-The-Pyramid Dice Available Now!

Dice fans, we have two sets of Illuminati-themed eye-in-the-pyramid dice available today at Warehouse 23, both of which are ready to help you take control of the world .*.*. or to at least be there for you during your next game session with friends. We have a set of six 16mm dice as well as a set of six 19mm dice, both in-stock and perfect for your always-growing dice collection.

If you need even more of the 19mm dice, but in different colors, you'll be happy to know that the Illuminati D6 Dice Set is now available. Find this new pack of six-sided dice today at your favorite local game store!

Phil Reed

NOTE: If you really like dice, check out our dice preorder store. It closes at midnight tonight, so don't miss out!

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