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October 16, 2019: Deadly Doodles 2: Another Success!

Thanks to our amazing Kickstarter backers, we had a successful Deadly Doodles 2 campaign.

Our Kickstarter backers will be receiving 12 double-sided dry-erase boards with a total of six different maps, enough for four players. They also unlocked two holiday-themed PDF maps and three custom Deadly Doodles dice in different colors.

We created this expansion to give players challenging new ways to play the game. There are now different approaches to earn points, including Diamonds, Magic Doors that will open or close each round, Skull Coins and Cursed Emeralds that can become huge (but risky!) rewards, and Rune Gates that challenge players to make tough choices that they can't take back!

Of course, all these fantastic new features we added to our "Draw 'n' Draw" game would not have been possible without the support of our Kickstarter backers. Thank you all so much! To be the first to learn about our future campaigns on Kickstarter, make sure to follow both of our pages below.*

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Missed the Kickstarter? Not to worry. We'll be opening the BackerKit in November, so stay tuned to all our Kickstarter and social media channels for the latest news! -sb

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