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October 10, 2019: Deadly Doodles Reprint

Our reprint of Deadly Doodles is at the factory and expected to reach our primary warehouse the first week of December. The game has done well since it was released at Gen Con, and we're doing what we can to bring more in before the holidays. If your favorite local game store is out of Deadly Doodles, please be sure to preorder the reprint from them.

Deadly Doodles 2, the expansion with six new maps, is set for release in 2020.

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Get In Gear

If you're looking to outfit a modern GURPS Fourth Edition hero (or one from the not-too-distant past), you need gear. GURPS High-Tech includes all kinds of goodies, from weapons to armor to communication equipment to vehicles and more. And if you're a GURPS Third Edition fan, check out the previous edition. Download either or both today, from Warehouse 23!