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October 9, 2019: Wiz-War

This great little beer & pretzels game by Tom Jolly goes all the way back to 1983. I am happy to report that*–

It's still fun, and

We have bought the rights to do a new edition!

We are just starting the playtest process, so all I can say about release date is "probably 2020."

For those who haven't seen it: Two or more wizards slug it out in a square-walled labyrinth, trying to steal each others' treasures. They cast fireballs, create and destroy walls, move the whole map around, and, when all else fails, punch each other. It's fast and it's silly, and we know those are both things that our fans like. I like them, too, so I'm having fun with this project.

One of our favorite artists has expressed interest in illustrating Wiz-War, and when we sign a contract, I'll post an update.

Steve Jackson

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