This game has been going for over 1000 hours of 'played time'.

Looking for players who are interested in a homebrewed system (20 years of development, d100) in a massive, multi-verse sandbox setting with typical "quest mods" also thrown in. There are 4 sessions a week play on whichever days you are able to/whatever dates are available. Some people play twice a week, some twice a month, it's completely up to you. Opportunities to guest-GM are also available. 2 PM UK time. Microphone & WebCam required. PM/message below if you want more info. We use roll20 and (currently) Streamyard - both of which are free as is the game.

Youtube example of a new players first session:

If you like what you see, head over to (not associated with the Great Cthulhu, all hail him) and go through the 'new players start here' section to get involved.

(Note, I don't check these boards but since they sent me another birthday e-mail I thought I'd put up another post. I can be contacted through the proboards).