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September 19, 2019: Coming To Kickstarter! Deadly Doodles 2

Deadly Doodles was our smash hit at Gen Con last month and we've already ordered its second printing (expected to reach our primary warehouse in early December). At every event where we taught the game this year, the one question we were asked over and over (after "when is this coming out?") was: "Will there be more maps?"

Yes! Absolutely yes. And you can help us make that a reality next week with the launch of Deadly Doodles 2 on Kickstarter.

The campaign is set to launch on Monday, September 23, and is scheduled to close on October 11. The expansion includes three new maps on Day One, and unlocking stretch goals expands the box to six new maps. And the new maps offer up new mechanics that lead to some twisted, nasty dungeons that are challenging to defeat. (We won't talk about my score of -8, okay?)

To receive notification when the project launches on Kickstarter, please go here and click the green "Notify me" button.

We hope to see you join the campaign next week to help make Deadly Doodles 2 as big as it can be!

International Update: Please note that we will be offering rewards to Europe and Canada, as well as the United States, as a part of the Deadly Doodles 2 campaign.

Phil Reed



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