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August 6, 2019: The Fantasy Trip Preorders At Warehouse 23

In addition to the Decks of Destiny preorder campaign (now open at BackerKit), we also have two new expansions available for preorder at Warehouse 23. Unlike the Decks of Destiny project, which isn't scheduled to ship until next year, the two preorders at Warehouse 23 are very close to release; both are scheduled to mail to preorder supporters next month.
  • Hexagram #2*– The second issue of our TFT zine, this 36-page title includes new combat scenarios, a new adventure, Steve's look at the TFT octopus, and more!
  • Outdoor Encounter Cards –*This is an adaptation and reimagining of two decks of cards that I wrote and published last year. For this new edition, Steve took my original work and rewrote, reworked, and – at times – completely replaced my original text and fit the ideas into The Fantasy Trip.

Both of these new preorder expansions are part of our continued support of The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition, which is available today at Warehouse 23 in both print and PDF. And we're not done yet! Steve and the team have even more surprises in the works for TFT; please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest TFT news.

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Build This City On Rocs And Trolls!

Civilization and sparklies combine with GURPS Thaumatology: Urban Magics. Discover the unique characteristics of magic in cities, learn how arcane abilities combine with day-to-day life, and take up one of the many templates for interesting new magical professions. Get your spellbook and your subway token, and make your way to Warehouse 23 to download this trove!