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June 28, 2019: A Look At Our New Dice Bags

We have several new dice coming out this year (discussed in this earlier post) and, for those who want to carry all those dice, we also have a series of new dice bags scheduled for release starting in September.

First up are the Dice Bag: Skeletons and Dice Bag: Lich 6" × 9" drawstring bags (more info here). Each is satin-lined, packaged on a blister card, and comes with a new colorway of our 19mm die design found in the Cthulhu D6 Dice Set. We've been asked: "How many dice will fit in the bag?" Answer: Over 100 dice of assorted shapes and sizes .*.*. or, as this Facebook video demonstrates, a lot of six-sided Munchkin dice.

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Is An Exciting Scene At A Cathedral A Steeple Chase?

Gothic details, captivating architecture, and a variety of spaces both wide-open and constrictive .*.*. what could be a more awe-inspiring set for an RPG than a cathedral? Perfect for just about any setting past, present, or future, GURPS Locations: St. George's Cathedral has the maps, details, and background you need to make this ready-to-use locale come alive. A supplement to a-spire to is just a download away, from Warehouse 23!