Advantages of the work team in the windows of Al Omran in Riyadh
We have a group of distinguished workers who are characterized by the following qualities:

Each team specializes in a specific field.
All workers have years of experience.
Good handling, friendliness and love with all customers.
Every worker knows his goals well and works to implement them.
The team is committed and able to complete the work in the shortest possible time
For the stages needed to move the furniture in Riyadh

There are stages in the process of moving furniture, including:

The inspection and planning phase: It provides a lot of time and effort, through the inspection of pieces of furniture to be stored and identify the tools required and transferred.
Jaw phase: It is dismantled by specialized carpenters in order to maintain the safety of furniture and not being broken or scratched.
Packaging phase: This is done through the use of suitable materials to pack furniture in correct ways. Packaging of each piece of furniture varies from the other.
Packing stage: After packing, all the pieces are packed in their own places.
Transport phase: We have equipped cars and special equipment for furniture
Cleaning and Polishing: Polishing is done after moving it to its new location.
Installation stage: After transportation, furniture is installed and installed properly.