Mosquito control company:
In mosquito control, we use imported pesticides which are very effective in the total elimination inside the houses. It depends on the biological control component, which depends on the speed of its effectiveness in fighting the mosquitoes after a few minutes in the den, where it is fast spreading and also its effect.

Bbeisha insect control company
Bbeisha insect control company
Bbisha is the best company to provide excellent services in the field of bathroom control. It also knows well the damage that causes the bathroom to be a lot of inconvenience to the residents of the place where the pigeons and insects are really beautiful creatures and wonderful appearance but they cause a lot of problems as they create Nests on the balconies and on the roofs of the buildings and in the corners of the windows, which cause the appearance of dirt and lead to the presence of microbes for this, our company is working to combat the highest quality.

Installation of bath repellent in Bbeisha: -
The company is keen to install the screws in the form of a trap on the edges of the windows and on the air conditioners from the outside as well as on the surfaces in addition to the edges of the balconies.
Installation of elastomeric nets is done to act as a bath repellent as well as for any insects.
The company works on installing a box that is closed to air conditioners to prevent the bathroom from nesting above it.
The company installs the bathroom repellent and insects and is made of fiberglass and then is made in the form of teeth pointed at a height of not less than 50 cm so that the bathroom can not stand it.
The company of installing bath nets with brush: -
For many people, the installation of a bathbasket is an ideal solution to combat bathroom discomfort for a number of reasons:

The installation of nets is a permanent solution:
The nets have a size ranging from one inch to one and a half inches, making the nets immune against the presence of pigeons and other birds and then once installed, you can forget the emergence of these birds forever.
The nets are long-lasting.