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May 26, 2019: Become A Fan Of The Fantasy Trip At BoardGameGeek!

Do you already have the*Legacy Edition of The Fantasy Trip? If so, we want to encourage you to become a fan of the game's BoardGameGeek page and show the world that you're enjoying this new edition of Steve's first roleplaying game.*

To become a fan of TFT, visit this page at the BGG site and then click the heart icon in the upper section of the page .*.*. and you're done!*

If you wish, you can also rate and comment on the game while you're there. This also helps out, since it gives those who may be looking to try TFT more opinions and ideas as to the quality of the work. Your comments and ratings, as well as reviews, can really help expand the game's reach; if you do leave a comment or review anywhere online, please let us know in the official forums!

Thanks for your help in growing the game and raising awareness! We have more plans, and increasing the number of players and GMs will help us to keep adding more and more to the line. How much more? Lots! And if the Decks of Destiny support is any indication, we'll be bringing out new expansions and adventures for The Fantasy Trip for a long time.

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Uncommon Sense

Some GURPS supplements can really open your eyes .*.*. or other sensory organs! With GURPS Powers: Enhanced Senses, you'll expand the possibilities of perception, from realistic science-fiction abilities to four-color superheroic versions. With this supplement, more than seeing is beyond believing .*.*. and it's just a download away from Warehouse 23!