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May 18, 2019: Galladoria Games' Resin Miniatures Terrain And Accessories

As work continues on a new demo table for The Fantasy Trip (see this post for a look at the table we used at FnordCon), we set out in search of nifty dungeon terrain and accessories to use in the construction of the new table. Multiple searches soon led us to Galladoria Games and their resin offerings, from which I ordered several different bits to paint and incorporate in the new table.

Some of the pieces that caught our eye, and that I can report look as incredible in person as in the pics, include the Obelisk Set, Skull Pile, and the Mimic Trap Door Set. Great stuff. I'm looking forward to seeing how these fit in with the new demo table!

And for even more, don't miss the Kickstarter campaign they're running to create more mimics!

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Stat It Out, With GURPS!

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