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May 13, 2019: Decks Of Destiny And The Fantasy Trip Player's Pack

As a part of the ongoing Decks of Destiny campaign –*back the project today!*–*we're offering the Player's Pack, a collection of accessories for players of The Fantasy Trip roleplaying game. The pack includes a deck of 13 option cards (for selecting your character's actions each turn), two dry-erase character cards, a dry-erase marker, and a 16-page journal to record the exploits and details of your favorite character.*

And since we know there's a demand, we're also offering the character journal as a separate add-on item; after your response to the Melee and Wizard character pads that we included in the Legacy Edition box set, we're going to print a few extras of the journal for future sale on Warehouse 23. If you want to guarantee that you get several journals for all of your planned campaigns, we recommend joining the Kickstarter project today and adding on extra journals. Check out the campaign page for more information!

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Putting The "Fight" In "Neophyte"

Heroes in training. The next generation. Cannon fodder. Whatever you call them, sometimes it's fun to explore a game from a lower-powered perspective. GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 15: Henchmen and GURPS Monster Hunters 4: Sidekicks both add support possibilities to their respective games, providing allies or even an alternate focus to explore dungeons or fight monsters. Download either today, from Warehouse 23!