Me and a friend decided to play Overwatch together for the first time. When he joined the voice channel, There was a lot of background noise. He was playing in his familyís open living room/dining room/kitchen area and his family was in there too. They were talking loudly, laughing, and (by the sound of it) having a good time.
It made me think, I have never experienced that. Mom never talks to me other than to scream at me to do something. Whenever I try to have a conversation with my sibling, she screams at both of us to go do something. Dad never says anything.
My house is quiet, with palpable tension at all times. At any moment the silence could be interrupted by loud screaming.
I just wanted to crawl through his TV and join the lively conversation.
EDIT: Iím not really going to reply to many of the comments but I thank you all for the support.