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April 12, 2019: Last Call! Munchkin Mini-Expansions Kickstarter Ending Today!

This is your last chance to join the Kickstarter campaign to create new Munchkin Cthulhu, Munchkin Zombies, and Star Munchkin mini-expansions. We're happy to report that backer support has unlocked all the stretch goals: all three mini-expansions each have 30 cards! Your support has made these new cards a reality – join in now before it's too late!

Bonus! Backers at the $21 reward level and higher will receive a pack of 12*Munchkin promo cards (a mix of older cards as well as completely new cards). Check out the project before it comes to an end later today.

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Springtime Is For Flowers And Faeries

Are there more than just insects lurking among your fragrant flowers? Unleash the fearsome fae to terrorize GURPS Monster Hunters champions with "The Wild Hunt" from Pyramid #3/45: Monsters. This feature includes six entities with ties to the Faerie realm, plus tips for how to deal with them. Download all your perils and possibilities from Warehouse 23 today!