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April 8, 2019: Ending This Week: Munchkin Cthulhu, Munchkin Zombies, and Star Munchkin Mini-Expansions On Kickstarter

Three of the more popular Munchkin games –*Munchkin Cthulhu, Munchkin Zombies, and Star Munchkin –*are being expanded! Now funding on Kickstarter, our campaign to create three mini-expansions for the three titles comes to a close on Friday, and it's still going strong! So far, each mini-expansion has grown to over 25 cards in size, and we're still unlocking stretch goals as more and more of you support the project.
  • You Like Promo Cards? In addition to the three new mini-expansions, we've revealed a promo pack that is added at no extra charge to the $21 and higher reward levels. Loaded with a mix of new and reprint promo cards, this pack is one that you won't want to miss! You want more cards.*Don't deny it. We know.
  • Did You Want Playmats? For those who missed out on the Mat of Mayhem and the Munchkin Shakespeare playmat, both are being offered as add-on items in this campaign. Check out the project page for details!

The campaign closes Friday, so this is your last week to jump in and help us to unlock more stretch goals: Join us today!

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Today's Impossible Is Tomorrow's Commonplace

GURPS Ultra-Tech isn't the be-all and end-all of super-scientific advancement. There are also lots of Pyramid issues, including four different volumes of the "Tech and Toys" series: Pyramid #3/12, Pyramid #3/37, Pyramid #3/51, and Pyramid #3/96. The tools of tomorrow are just a download away, thanks to Warehouse 23!