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March 16, 2019: Reprinting Robin's Laws Of Good Game Mastering

First published in 2002 and out-of-print for over a decade, we're happy to announce that Robin Laws' incredible work of GM advice for use with any roleplaying game, Robin's Laws of Good Game Mastering, is in final checks as we prepare to reprint the book. This books sells for far, far too much on auction sites and resellers, so we're bringing it back in a new printing so that the book is affordable for everyone who may not already own the original printing.

You're unfamiliar with Robin's Laws of Good Game Mastering? We'll let this snippet of John Kovalic's review (from Dork Tower #15) tell you all about it:

"Robin D. Laws' collection of game mastering wisdom seems at first deceptively slim. But this should be required reading for anyone who has ever – or who ever wishes to – actually run a game for other thinking human beings. Campaign design, adventure design and plot hooks have certainly been discussed ad nauseam in many an article before, but I don't remember any advice being as basically sound nor as solid as Robin's. In Dragon Magazine, I have the pleasure of illustrating his "The Play's The Thing" column. I'm just glad I now get to enjoy his thought-provoking insight and erudition without having to stare down a deadline at the same time. If ever any university taught Game Mastering 101, this would be the textbook for the course, and Robin would be tenured many times over."

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Phil Reed

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