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January 20, 2019: Car Wars Sixth Edition Miniatures Progress

Last month on Twitter, we shared a peek at the new Car Wars Sixth Edition custom dice. Just one marker of many on the road to Kickstarter for the new edition of Car Wars, those dice are being slightly refined, so we're a month or so away from being able to declare: Dice are 100% complete! And with the dice rolling toward the finish line, we're happy to report that the next big leg of the race to Kickstarter is also progressing nicely:


As an important part of Car Wars Sixth Edition, we've been at work on new HO-scale miniatures for the game. We have several designs in the works; here is one of the new car minis you can expect to see offered as a part of the upcoming Car Wars Sixth Edition campaign on Kickstarter.*

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Phil Reed

We continue to work on the Car Wars Sixth Edition project. Thank you to the @madebygpi team for today's mail, which included one of the new edition's minis. -PR— Steve Jackson Games (@SJGames) December 20, 2018

Warehouse 23 News: Get In The Action!

Fans of the just-uploaded GURPS Action 5: Dictionary of Danger who are looking for more unexpected thrills, consider the pages of Pyramid! Pyramid #3/53: Action and Pyramid #3/112: Action II contain new rules, options, adventure or campaign ideas, and more. Download either or both today, from Warehouse 23!