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January 14, 2019: Ending Today: The Fantasy Trip Adventures

This is it! Later today, The Fantasy Trip Adventures campaign comes to a close .*. .*then*we dig deep and*start the serious work of completing the project and preparing the new book (and counters, can't forget the counters) for print. Thanks to your support, this 64-page book of five adventures for use with the new edition of The Fantasy Trip is a success and will be set to ship to project backers in the late summer. At the moment, we have no plans to take the book of adventures into distribution, so please join us before you miss out on this first expansion for The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition.*

In addition to the book of adventures and the die-cut megahexes and counters, your support of the Kickstarter project has unlocked new game cards and two new 9"x12"*pocket folders that will be included with the printed book.

If you have missed out on the campaign, you'll have a chance to preorder later, in BackerKit. The book will also be offered on Warehouse 23 after it ships to the project supporters, so don't stress too much if you're reading this after the Kickstarter countdown has reached zero. But if you are reading this before the project closes, join us!*Let's unlock that last stretch goal hardcover! before it's too late!!!

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Big-Scale Fun For GURPS

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