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January 1, 2019: Happy New Year!

2018 was a challenging year for many of us, for many different reasons. Phil will tell about some of the particular struggles SJ Games dealt with in his Stakeholders' Report, coming soon.

We have a lot to look forward to in 2019 and a lot of work to get done to make it all happen. But today, we're going to relax and store up some mana for the next 364 days. We hope you're all able to do the same. No matter how 2018 was for you, we wish you a better year to come.

SJ Games and Warehouse 23 will reopen tomorrow.

Andrew Hackard

Warehouse 23 News: A Super Magical Campaign World

Costumed crimefighters emboldened by eldritch abilities protect a 1930s alternate Earth, in GURPS Thaumatology: Age of Gold. Alchemical powers clash against tommy guns in this two-fisted magical pulp world. Download it today, from Warehouse 23!