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December 17, 2018: Video: Watch MoJo.Com's "Top 10 Card Games To Play With Friends"

Thank you to the Watch MoJo team for including Munchkin in their Top 10 Card Games to Play with Friends YouTube video. Spotting Munchkin alongside games like What Do You Meme?,*Cards Against Humanity, and Spoons shows that we're in very good company. And with the holidays approaching fast, now's the perfect time to share this with your family and ask: "Who wants to learn Munchkin this year?"*

One bit of friendly advice: Unless your family is aggressive and competitive, try to dial down the backstabbing a little when you first teach your family Munchkin. It's best to ease them into the action .*.*. though don't blame us if your grandma turns out to be a cutthroat adventurer who destroys the family in the race to level 10 and the win.

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Does "Stolen From An Angry Lich" Count As "Getting A Receipt"?

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