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December 7, 2018: Holiday Ideas from Warehouse 23

Planning on ordering some great Christmas loot from Warehouse 23? Whether you're in need of Munchkin accessories and expansions, more GURPS adventures,*or the brand-new edition of*Illuminati, here are some things you'll be glad you know:

Our Haul-iday Sale*is in full swing and runs through Wednesday, December 19. We've got lots of great discounts, as well as fun gift-with-purchase items. And if you order soon, you won't have to worry about all those pesky shipping deadlines. (At least, not in the U.S.) For you last-minute shoppers, be sure to tune in next week for more information about warehouse deadlines and ship dates.

And just to sweeten the deal: We've uncovered a stash of cool dice in the warehouse! So, while supplies last, each physical order over $10 from Warehouse 23 will include a random d6. You're welcome! (Andrew here: we also just opened a slightly scorched crate labeled "DO NOT OPEN, YOU FOOLS" and found a whole lot of random promo cards and bookmarks, so we're tossing a bunch of those into physical orders as well!)

Not sure what to gift? Our one-size-fits-all digital*Gift Certificates are the perfect solution to your dilemma. These certificates come in any denomination from $1 to $500, and they'll arrive almost instantly in the inbox you designate.

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Warehouse 23 News: Visit The Pyramids

The entire first volume of Pyramid magazine ran 30 issues – from 1993 to 1998 – bringing an amazing assortment of articles, reviews, industry insight, fun ads, and more. Now, with the Pyramid Classic Bundle, you can get all 30 issues (over 2,000 pages) at an amazing price. Discover an era when collectible card games were new and vampires were everywhere. Your trip to the past is just a download away, thanks to Warehouse 23!