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November 30, 2018: Ogre Battlefields Is Coming

We have one last crowdfunding campaign planned for 2018: Ogre Battlefields is coming to Kickstarter next month! Steve, Drew, Gabby, and Brandon have been hard at work finalizing the project, and we expect it to launch in*early December (next week!).

Ogre Battlefields is a boxed expansion for use with the Ogre Designer's Edition and Ogre Sixth Edition, and your support on Kickstarter will pack the box with new counters, more game scenarios, and reprints of classic Ogre gameboards that have never been produced in the Ogre Sixth Edition scale.

To be sure you don't miss out on Ogre Battlefields, please follow us on Kickstarter. We hope to see you join us in making this newest Ogre expansion a reality!

Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: The Holiday-Season Glow

It's important to stay warm this winter, but don't go overboard. GURPS Disasters: Meltdown and Fallout takes that idea to the extreme by providing perhaps the definitive dictionary definition of "really bad day." Discover why things can go wrong with a nuclear reactor, what happens when the worst occurs, and how in the world you deal with the crisis. Good old-fashioned nightmare fuel is just a download away, thanks to Warehouse 23!