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November 24, 2018: Illuminated Site of the Week: That's The Spirit

Everyone's seen ghost towns on television, but what are they really like? Peter Ling has more than a couple of answers for you and a few photos to go with them. His project Ghost Towns in America has stuck a pin in thousands of abandoned burgs and not just in the West. They're all over the place, sitting derelict and waiting for tourists .*.*. or victims. Whether you seek someplace to haunt on vacation or want the place to dredge up dread in your GURPS Old West players' imaginations, this is your one-horse-stop to cover the country in creepy atmosphere and maybe a little learning.

Suggested by David Waldron

Warehouse 23 News: No Place Like Mars For The Holidays?

You know how it is: You're traveling for the holidays, you make a wrong turn, and you end up on .*.*. Mars? It happens. Now you need to fight your way back – or join the Martian invaders! What's next is up to you, with GURPS Mars Attacks, available at Warehouse 23!