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September 7, 2018: TFT - My Own Progress

Most of my time is still going into Fantasy Trip work. Over the past week or so:

We got Melee and Wizard completely ready for press. The Death Tests and Tollenkar's Lair are following close behind. Early next week, we will draw the line under the list of supporters whose credit cards have actually paid (yes, there are always a few that don't), and PDF the "ready" parts of TFT for your comment, earlier than expected. (It looks like we will be on or ahead of schedule with everything, but the first parts are so early, we might as well share them early.) I'm currently reviewing the Monsters section from In The Labyrinth. That big book is in preliminary layout, so it has a ways to go before it's final.

We worked more on the megahexes. The front is easy –*blank hexes to move on. The back sides require more attention –*they have art representing terrain, labyrinth features, or objects. We also decided to break one of the four-megahex pieces into four single megahexes, to give the set a bit more flexibility and give us more "stairway" pieces on the backs.

We talked seriously about putting yet more stuff in the Legacy Edition box. Four words: Stretch goals for BackerKit. Phil is working out the details now.

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Warehouse 23 News: Did You Hear A "Roar," Pilgrim?

It's an adventure that starts with cowboys, adds dinosaurs .*.*. and then gets a bit weird. GURPS Big Lizzie is a complete, ready-to-use adventure that includes a fast setup, a dozen dangerous cinematic denizens, and ideas for expanding this concept beyond this adventure. Saddle up and download it today, from Warehouse 23!