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September 1, 2018: Munchkins For Charity

Charity isn't just about getting rid of your extra cards at the end of the turn. It's also about helping those in need. And it turns out that you Munchkins are very good at that.

THING 1: The LibertyCon auction for personalized Munchkin cards went amazingly well. Due to an unanticipated but happy turn of events, there were THREE winners, at $808 each, so that's $2,424 raised for Chattanooga Room at the Inn. Hats off to Charlie Bussey, Christoph Loewe, and Gary Bamberger, and a salute to Colonel Fritz for running the auction!

THING 2: Once again, John Kovalic is doing "Bike the Barns," which has raised a total of more than $65,000 for Madison area charities over the last five years. And once again you can make him ride with the Duck of Doom on his head, and you can get neat Munchkin swag for supporting him –*and this year's postcard lets you start a game at Level 3. Read all about the wonderfulness here.

Thanks to all of you for supporting these good causes, and please have lots of fun with your Munchkin goodies!

Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: Dungeon Delving Is Easier If You Put Your Mind To It!

Mind over matter is a powerful ability when it comes to GURPS Dungeon Fantasy .*.*. and if the monsters don't mind, then it doesn't matter! GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 14: Psi gives you new psionic abilities for your crypt-crawlers, perfect for fresh-faced adventurers or for adding new powers to existing professions. It also features mental-minded monsters to challenge the heroes. Download it today from Warehouse 23!