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July 22, 2018: Crowdfunding Focus: Killing Lee Garvin

Rarely does a game ask you to kill someone outright, but Killing Lee Garvin does just that. Ironically, this project is all about helping. Lee is a renowned game designer who's come upon a rough patch, and through the help of this Kickstarter, friends are helping him get back on his feet. (Everyone hits a rough patch, some worse than others, and in the game industry, we don't always have a great parachute or safety net to save us.)

In addition to the funds for the campaign going to help Lee, he will also donate a portion of the funds to the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund, which assists people in the game industry who hit tough times. Not only is this a great cause, the game looks fun, to boot! The humor is spot on, and if you like Munchkin, it looks like this may be up your alley.*

You can back on Kickstarter now. There's about a week and a half left in the campaign, and they are almost to the goal!*

Hunter Shelburne

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