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June 19, 2018: Four Days Left For The GURPS Classic Summer Sale

We mentioned a few days ago about the GURPS Classic summer sale, where we're offering an illuminated 23% off the amazing Third Edition PDF supplements on Warehouse 23 (or DriveThruRPG if you prefer). As a reminder, that sale ends June 22. Don't miss out!

Once you've beefed up your GURPS library with this sale, you might want to check out various Fourth Edition supplements that update their respective Third Edition cores. GURPS Reign of Steel: Will to Live augments the original post-apocalyptic robot setting, Transhuman Space: Changing Times*"upgrades" the award-winning near-now science-fiction setting, and the just-released Pyramid #3/115: Technomancer brings GURPS Technomancer into a new era.

Now's a great time to discover – or rediscover – why GURPS has been a fan-favorite for over 30 years!

Steven Marsh

Warehouse 23 News: The Desolation Of Blarg!

The wait is over –*Munchkin Collectible Card Game: The Desolation of Blarg is finally here! Bolster your collection and strengthen your deck with a ton of new cards, like the Air Guitar, the Honey Badger, or even Blarg himself! Grab a few boosters now, or perhaps you need an entire POP display! Get them today at Warehouse 23!