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May 5, 2018: We Updated Our Style Guide

We're always looking for fresh voices in Pyramid and for our GURPS lines. A very important part of becoming one of our authors is knowing our house style guide. We just updated it (for the first time in – ouch*– three years), and there are some significant changes. Notably, we are now accepting the use of "they" as a pronoun when the gender of the person is unknown, following a similar change made by the AP Stylebook last year. But that's not the only change, so everyone who writes for us*– and everyone who wants to!*– should read over the whole thing. We expect anyone writing for us to know everything on that page.

Andrew Hackard

Warehouse 23 News: Try This Out, For Psis!

Add psionics to your heroes in a jiffy, with GURPS Psis. Built on the framework of GURPS Psionic Powers, Psis offers over 100 different ready-to-go trait sets, plus advice to fit abilities to the roles you're trying to fill. With Psis, your heroes can really put their minds to any problem before them! It's a download away from your mindful friends at Warehouse 23!