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March 2, 2018: Break The Rules With Munchkin Cheats!

If you like playing Munchkin, you probably love treasure and cheating. Hey, no judgment here! We love those things too, which is probably one of the reasons we keep coming up with more Munchkin flavors. In fact, we know you love cheating so much that we've given you an easier way to do it through Munchkin Cheats!

This 30-card expansion is made up of various Cheats and other Cheat-themed cards. You can shuffle these cards into your Munchkin game to put Treasure cards into play more often and make things more interesting for everyone at the table. And to add chaos to your game (don't worry, it's still possible) we also included Monsters and Curses that interact with Cheat cards!

Munchkin Cheats is illustrated by Lar deSouza, who previously worked with us on a Super Munchkin Guest Artist Edition and the Munchkin Collectible Card Game Orc Bard deck. This expansion uses the original Munchkin card backs, but you can use it with ANY Munchkin*game. Simply slip on the Munchkin Doors and Treasures Cards Sleeves and you'll be set! All in all, this is a great expansion to your Munchkin games. Admit it – you love breaking the rules!

Munchkin Cheats will be available in June at your Friendly Local Game Store*and online through Warehouse 23, so watch out for it to cheat the best!

Tyeera Garza

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