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February 16, 2018: Check Out The SJ Games Case At New York Toy Fair!

The SJ Games case at New York Toy Fair is an annual tradition, featuring our hottest new and upcoming titles. This year's case celebrates the Munchkin Collectible Card Game in all its glory!

With the release right around the corner (February 21, if you're counting), we wanted to show off some of the incredible art and cards for the first set, as well as some teasers for the next two sets: The*Desolation of Blarg and Fashion Furious. Here's a sneak peek, from our in-office mockup of the final display:

If you are at New York Toy Fair, share pictures of the case with the hashtag #PlayMunchkinCCG and we'll share them! And remember to preorder with your local game store so you don't miss out. Simply print out our preorder form, fill it out, and give it to your store so they know you are interested!*

While you're in the area, check out our Munchkin Collectible Card Game prereleases happening around New York and New Jersey this weekend as well! Reserve your seat with the store; space is limited. See you in New York!*

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: You'll Need More Exclamation Points!

The newest issue of Pyramid has hit the digital stands, and it's ready for the big screen! Pyramid #3/112: Action II adds to your GURPS Action campaigns with an adventure, new rules, campaign add-ons, and more. Download it solo, or subscribe today for this issue and many more months of fun, thanks to Warehouse 23!