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February 15, 2018: Report To The Stakeholders For 2017

This year's annual report is now live. We have been doing this since 2003, and you can see links to all the older reports at the bottom. This is a mid-February posting, which is earlier than usual; thanks, Phil, for working to put this together.

Executive summary: We got through the year with our sanity. We either made a little or lost a little. We made all our goals and will set a few more for next year.

Some of our strongest fans will be sad to see that the Ogre Miniatures and GURPS Dungeon Fantasyreleases are not analyzed as successes even though the games themselves were very fine. This is all about business; a release is not a success unless it happens on time and within budget. That's a hard target to hit, sometimes. I'm very proud of those releases but things could have gone better.

Looming over all our 2017 work was the Munchkin Collectible Card Game, which will appear in stores on Feb. 21. This massive project has a lot riding on it. If it does well, 2017 will look better in retrospect and 2018 will be a success. So we really, really hope you like it!

Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: Don't Go Out At Night

Night falls, and the Chupacabra's red eyes spell doom as the bloodsucker stalks its prey. To make it through*Chupacabra: Survive the Night,*you must claim all the dice .*.*. but watch out! Everyone else is out to get you! Enjoy this 2- to 4-player game by heading over to*Warehouse 23!