Do you enjoy overcoming a challenging multiverse? Players who like mysterious storylines and absurd humor wanted for an ongoing, online campaign using the easy to learn HC system.

The plot takes place in a variety of worlds and universes ranging from fantasy to cyberpunk to space opera all using the same characters as they hop from place to place.

We have spots open for new players in an ongoing campaign. Played sessions are released onto youtube. Check them out at to see if this is the kind of game you would enjoy playing. If so, message me or stop by to sign up and find out more about the game.

(Disclaimer: Not much to do with Cthulhu - use to but I can't figure out how to change the name on youtube yet. I am a better GM than computer guy.)

Additional information:

Scope: Long campaign.

Players: Lots. Many different groups. See schedule at:

More details on general board/character sheet at

When: See schedule. Schedule found at

Sessions generally seem to go for 4-6 hours.

Format: Roll20 with google hangouts. You will need a webcam. More information at

This game is recorded and published on youtube, twitch, etc.

Setting: It's a multiverse. You may be jousting one day and trying to repair your space fighter the next. There is no telling.

Age: 18+ as the campaign may deal with adult situations and include profanity.

Other: Funny, not as much combat as many seem use to. Not beer and pretzels.

Thank you!