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January 27, 2018: Illuminated Site of the Week: Mind The Gap(s)

London may as well be made of quantum Swiss cheese for all the underlying relativistic structural integrity it has. Seems Terry Gilliam was onto something with his movie Time Bandits – the city wears thin in certain areas and produces holes in time and space throughout. Portals of London: Towards a catalogue of London's inter-dimensional gateways is a blog detailing the various sidelines and byways of this history-steeped town, warning of hidden churches, lost cemeteries, and intersecting hauntings. The Guardian, spurred by recent reports of a foot tunnel in the Underground where time passes slower or faster than normal, has an anonymous interview with the site's curator.

Suggested by Richard Harris

Warehouse 23 News: There's No Place On Earth Like Mars!

Mars isn't the kind of place you'd bring yourself to visit; it's the kind of place that brings visitors! With GURPS Mars Attacks, you can play either side of the classic space conflict, as the diabolical Martians or the heroic humans. Full-color fun is available today, via the out-of-this-world folks at Warehouse 23!