ok, so this is something I started talking about in the wish list thread.

I'm sure we all have ideas that we either never got a chance to flesh out, never even tried to get down on paper, or just plain put to the side for whatever reason...

With that in mind, let me show you something I have here...

Lifedrain (Epic)
Abjuration, Necromancy (death)
Spellcraft DC: 250
Components: V, S, Ritual
Casting Time: 1 minute
Range: 3,000 ft.
Area: Four 2,000ft. Cubes (see text)
Duration: 1 week (see text)
Save: Fortitude
Spell Resistance: Yes
To Develop: 2,250,000gp, 45 days, 90,000xpSeeds: Slay (DC 25), Dispel (DC 19); Factors: change to area (+10 DC), change area to four 10ft cubes (+2 DC), increase area 2,000% (+80 DC), increase range 1,000% (+20 DC), change duration to 1 week (+40 DC), increase saving throw by DC +1 (+2 DC), increase caster level to overcome spell resistance +1 (+2 DC), empowered dispel check +30 (+30 DC)

The Lifedrain spell employed by the Phaerimm to bring down the ancient Netherese was widely used in the area now known as Anauroch. Cast many times over by the war gathers of Phaerimm elders, the frequency of the castings is what made this spell particularly deadly. In uncharacteristic unison, several Phaerimm elders would cast the ritual Lifedrain spell. Their cumulative power would allow for relatively easy casting of this spell. (Usually an epic spell slot was contributed by each Phaerimm elder granting a –19 DC for each participant beyond the initial caster)
The area of the spell was highly shapeable (four 2,000ft cubes), but the most common area was a 2,000ft wide and 8,000ft high rectangular column. The Lifedrain spells often reached passing Netherese Enclaves, striking at the very heart of the empire- the mythallars.
The Lifedrain spell was of a truly insidious design. The spell itself would fade in time after draining the life force of all living things within its area, animal and plant life alike. Unfortunately for the Netherese, the Phaerimm were fully aware of the existence and powers of the mythallars. The Lifedrain spell fed off the latent magical energies provided by the mythallar, causing the spell to persist as long as it was withing the range of the mythallar’s power. If after 7 days of the continuous leeching of a Lifedrain spell, a mythallar would fail. (Without the power of a mythallar to feed on, a lifedrain spell faded away after dealing its initial dispelling and energy draining effects.)
The Lifedrain would drain away the life force of living things as well as magical energies. All living things within the area of effect were subjected to an energy draining effect, which dealt 2d4 negative levels (Fort save for ), and dispelled all magical energies (d20+ 40 dispel check) including personal enchantments (including life extending magic which was wide spread in ancient Netheril), permanent magic items, area spells, and most dreadful of all it severed the connection of the mythallar. Without the power of the mythallar, all quasi-magic items were useless, and the enclave itself would fall if the draining persisted. The Lifedrain would be felt each day within the area, requiring a new saving throw with cumulative effects.
*Note: If the Lifedrain was within the reach of a mythallar’s energies, the spell persisted for up to 1 week, at which time the Mythallar would fail, shattered and forever destroyed. If more than 1 mythallar was within the spells area, the Lifedrain consumed energy from both, taking longer to siphon the power. (14 days, rather than 7 to negate the mythallar) If the initial mythallar affected left the area of effect of the Lifedrain, but another entered the area within 1 turn, the spell would persist. (perhaps indefinitely given the number of enclaves which roamed the skies of ancient Netheril)
Any thoughts on this? This is a Epic spell I drafted for my high level Forgotten Realms campagin. Its my own take on the Lifedraining magic used by the Phaerimm.