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December 31, 2017: Caravan To GURPS

Perhaps you've bought the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game and would like to learn about its parent game, GURPS. Or maybe you've just always wondered what the heck this "GURPS" thing is (we admit it: the name's a little strange!). Either way, we've made it easy to test drive for free.

The basics of the system are available in GURPS Lite. Once you have that, you and a few friends can try your hand at Caravan to Ein Arris*–*a low-tech adventure that includes polite social interaction, not-so-polite skullduggery, and downright nasty fighting, set against a backdrop of travel, seasoned with a dash of nature's fury. Both are yours for the effort of a quick download! We hope you like what you see.

Sean Punch

Warehouse 23 News: Quack, Quack!

Why does the*Munchkin Duck of Gloom look so perky? He comes with his own*Munchkin card and, by arrangement with Atlas Games, a special*Munchkin-flavored Gloom card as well! Not to mention a zippered pouch to hide all your hopes and dreams from an uncaring world .*.*. or to keep your keys in. Order now at Warehouse 23!