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December 8, 2017: The Great Clausthulhu Holiday Takeover Sale, December 8-20 On Warehouse 23!

Just when we thought the holiday sales had ended, the Great Clausthulhu showed up and demanded we run another sale! (And we can't say no; he can give us the gift of insanity!) So he's invaded Warehouse 23 with the Santa Clausthulhu Holiday Takeover Sale, dropping prices and bundling games, just in time for the madness of holiday gift-giving.*

There are so many deals and specials that we had to separate them into categories. Check out the Signed Loot, Bundles, and Deals, plus all the Bonus Swag you'll get with your order! But you only have a limited time; the Great Clausthulhu has decreed the sale runs December 8-20. After that, he has to return to his mountain of madness at the South Pole.* Signed Loot


  • Car Wars*Holiday Bundle: Includes*Car Wars Classic, Car Wars Arenas, Car Wars Arenas 2, and Car Wars: The Card Game - $30*
  • Munchkin Holiday Bundle: Includes*Munchkin Holiday Surprise, Munchkin Yule Log, Munchkin Christmas Lite, Munchkin Christmas Coloring Book - $30*
  • Mars Attacks Holiday Bundle: Includes*Mars Attacks Dice Game, Ten-Minute Takedown, and GURPS Mars Attacks - $30


Bonus Swag

This swag is available while supplies last. Note that these totals are cumulative; if you order $120, you receive ALL the free things!

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: The Great Clausthulhu Holiday Takeover Sale!

The Great Clausthulhu has invaded the warehouse to bring you The Great Clausthulhu Holiday Takeover Sale!*With double promos, lowered prices, special bundles, and even items signed*by Steve himself, now is the best time to visit Warehouse 23 for all your holiday needs! Just be quick*-*the Great Clausthulhu leaves the warehouse December 20th!