Arlun's Game.* The bad news is your dead. The worse news that you are not sure where you are at. Welcome to a world of the lost. Where your purpose is simple, survive! How do you do that? Win the games.

Welcome to Arlun's Game a home brew pathfinder adventure. The party will be comprised of poor souls who have lost their life. Instead of ascending or descending to another plane they find themselves somewhere else. A world under the control of a mysterious being. The only way to gain favor with this being is to win the games. Some brutal fights in arenas. Other races over land, sea and air. You might be tasked with retrieving treasure from hidden catacombs, even going on fantastic hunts! Each to prove yourself worthy of Arlun's Game.

Who are you? What brought you here? Why are you a player in this game? All these questions and more can only be solved by playing Arlun's Game.

Hello there! Please post here if you want to apply for my game. I am looking for 4 players to join me on this quest. No worries about party make up, my job as DM to keep the game balanced and tailored to you. So feel free to make who you want.*

Some information you should be aware of about the setting of the game. Your character will have died as it said in the game desc. The character will have amnesia, but by no means let that stop you from creating a rich back story. While the setting is homebrew, your characters will be from Golarion (the normal pathfinder world). As you explore the world and level up you will discover more of your past and how it relates to your current situation.*

Also some information about me. I've been a DM for a while, was forced to dm when I worked at a game store and they needed one for dnd encounters and simply grew to love it. Although I am new to roll20, I am studying hard to make sure I provide an entertaining experience for all, but at the same time I ask that everyone have patience if it takes me a minute to configure something in game. My play style is a little bit looser then some DMs. Say you want to tackle a Orc, I may simple have you do a strength check to find out if you succeed. Or want to break a chandelier? Why make complicated rules when a simple spell and d20 roll can do? Little things that promote creativity and improve the flow of the game. I enjoy story telling and like for the players to be engaged. I do my best to create a framework of a story that the players can exist in and explore, let the story grow and change along side them, rather then me forcing them down a premade path.*

So to apply please give the following.

Character name Character idea- This is more for class and race ideas (Stick to the core rulebook, unless you ask and I okay it. The reason I say core rulebook is the setting of the game might make it hard for some classes/races/archetypes to exist or make sense.) Backstory- Who your character was, perhaps how they died. (Preferably in battle, due to a trap, or in some other adventure.) Playstyle Availibilty Anything else you'd like to share.

Please feel free to ask me anything.*