Jgillingham rolls some dice: 8d10 (6,6,7,9,7,9,2,7 = 53)
3x9 (MD applied)
total: 60, vs.
8d10 (8,8,7,2,3,7,10,8 = 53)
8x3, 2x7, 2x10

the dinosaurs have breached the walls! disaster!
[rules interpretation and lawyering: while the roll totals are close, having 2 triples is devastating.]
Schloss koenigscwhert was your home. Schloss koenigschwert was protection.
schloss koenigschwert was a good place to live. a place where people once vacationed, laughing at the dinosaurs. 'they look like ants from up here.'
Cynric thought it would be a good place to retire to, live out his last years as a swordsman.
at the flaming skull of a daemon, he laughed as it picked him up.
'I've seen worse!'
'I've seen FAR wor--oh my colon.'
the beast's thumb punctured into him.

'No you haven't.' -- the thing infernally whispered.
'for I am the worst. I am death. I am doom. I am Fire, and I am --'
DEAD! Ragnar swung from the chandelier of the great hall. his guns were red hot with the fire. at the end of them, their barbed bayonettes drove inside the beast's chest.

they exploded.

'hrrgh.' ragnar gurgled forth. he spat out a bloody swathe.
'I'll show you who's a real... man... and a half.'

'old man.'
'Ragnar, my young apprentice. I think you've lost weighhrrhk.'
'save it.' 'GET THE DOCTOR!'
'He's dead.'
ragnar looked over. the beast was talking again.
'You're ALL dead.'

'You haven't seen the last of me. you'll have to do better than that.'

the beast climbed the wall like an enlarged cat, and ripped through the brickwork upwards.

'son of a *****.' ragnar knew the next days would be bad.
'politics.' he muttered under his breath.

[The forest will deal 1 damage to sovereignty [can't be negated], 2 permanent damage to might, and 2 permanent damage to territory. you can use your successes in any way to reduce the damage, a trip will negate two points, a single one point. or, you can deal damage to the dinosaurs instead by the same token.]