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November 25, 2017: GURPS Now On DriveThruRPG!

Our GURPS line has long been available online via Warehouse 23, but we're happy to announce that its online reach has now expanded, with its addition to the DriveThruRPG catalog!

DriveThruRPG is the largest RPG download store, so adding GURPS to its lineup is a natural choice. We've started with GURPS Basic Set, Fourth Edition, along with some of the most popular and award-winning supplements. We hope to add even more soon!

If you're looking for a system that stretches the imagination while letting the players and GM build the characters and world they've always wanted to, then GURPS is for you. For over three decades, GURPS has given players the tools to play in their own RPG sandbox, creating scenarios in fantasy realms, science fiction, modern, historical warfare .*.*. you name it and there's probably a GURPS supplement for it.

And now that it's available on DriveThruRPG, finding a digital copy has never been easier. Just add it to your downloads there, and you'll have access to it on any device you open it on. Download an adventure today!

Hunter Shelburne

Warehouse 23 News: When Worlds Collide, Bring Popcorn And Dice!

Combine the GURPS Spaceships line with the power of GURPS Mass Combat for truly cinematic space battles. It's easy, thanks to "Mass Combat in Space" from Pyramid #3/30: Spaceships. Get the resources you need for your galactic wars today at Warehouse 23.