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November 19, 2017: Illuminated Site of the Week: Carrot On, My Wayward Son

You thought carrots were dull? You poor, deluded fool. Carrots are everything. Carrots are healthy. Carrots make booze. They produce prodigious amounts of sugar, they share a day in Scotland with a venerated saint, they can be easily confused with hemlock in the wild, and, heck, they even have their own museum. The World Carrot Museum has trivia, history, trivia, recipes, and trivia. There are pictures, essays, science, legends .*.*. all about our beloved orange side dish. By the end of it, you'll know so much more than .*.*. let's be honest, you're going to be sick of hearing about carrots. But getting there will still be fun.


Warehouse 23 News: The Stars Await

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