Is there anyone else who runs or plays in mostly 1st edition games with enough homebrewed rules to distinguish it (or confuse standard players) from the basic 1st edition rule set?

What we've thrown out (off the top of my head):
- Weapon speeds
- Alignments
- Level Limits for non-humans
- Racial and gender stat limits
- Racial bonuses & penalties
- Straight 3d6 rolled 6 times for character generation
- Charisma
- Different hit dice for different classes

We've ADDED far too many to list, but the major ones are:
- 0 (zero) level hit points (a d6)
- A skill system (adapted from the Palladium system, and WAY before 2nd edition came out)
- Secondary stats (senses)
- Pre-game sessions (character rp for PCs while they are growing up; covers important events and covers maybe 5-10 years [or non-human equivalents] per session)
- Profession guilds (armorers, innkeepers, cobblers, bakers, etc.; it's good for flavor and actual RP)

We've also added a couple new (PC) races & classes, and we usually have 1 person "test play" that new race or class for a few levels.

Anyone else wanna share??