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October 24, 2017: Munchkin Booty Just Keeps On Bootin'

The great thing about the pirate theme is that it never gets old. Every kid goes through the phase of "I wanna be a fearsome pirate." Some of us revert to that stage every September 19 for Talk Like A Pirate Day. Jack Sparrow, I blame you, though it was happening long before you came along.

At any rate, Munchkin had to get a pirate game*-*and in 2008, it did.

Lots of accumulated booty (arrr) later, it seemed time for a bigger ship. So we've reissued Munchkin Booty*in the deluxe Guest Artist Edition format, with illustrations by Tom Siddell (Gunnerkrigg Court). I really enjoyed working on the original Booty project; it's one of my favorites to play .*.*. and not just because I get to talk like a pirate. I thought at the time that I was getting every single stupid nautical joke out of my system. As it turned out, not really .*.*. we did an expansion, Jump the Shark (2009), and then a mini-expansion, Fish & Ships (2010).

Will there be more? It might be time, and I won't pretend we haven't talked about it. Booty is still very popular, and the bad ideas keep cropping up and we keep writing them down. Arrrr.

Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: Too Big To Take On Alone

When conflicts are too great for one-on-one combat rules, reach for GURPS Mass Combat. Add to its possibilities with ancient Egyptian and Roman armies in Pyramid #3/77: Combat, the forces of urban law and order in Pyramid #3/93: Cops and Lawyers, and a science-fiction campaign that pits humans against aliens in Pyramid #3/94: Spaceships III. Get all of these and more, thanks to Warehouse 23!