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August 27, 2017: Fall Convention Schedule

We're smack dab in the heat of summer conventions, but don't worry*-*when the temperature cools off, we'll still be working up a sweat on the show floor! You'll find us at these shows through the rest of the year. Get your hotels booked, buy your tickets, and stare angrily at tree leaves in anticipation of fall's arrival.

We're all over the place this fall. And we've never been more eager to play games with you at upcoming shows! Thanks in advance for coming to see us!

Andrew McMillian

Warehouse 23 News: Arm Yourself In The Fight Against Darkness

Don't fear the bloodthirsty evil slavering in the shadows*-*be prepared! Use GURPS Loadouts: Monster Hunters to speed up the battle preparations with packages of gear*-*including weapons, armor, and equipment*-*with their prices and weights all calculated and ready to add to your character sheet. Whether you're a GURPS Monster Hunters champion, a GURPS Horror survivor, or a hero in other near-modern campaigns, these loadouts can help ensure that your might makes light. It's just a download away, and only from Warehouse 23!